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Website Ad
The website ad includes a 220x220 pixel image or logo to be linked to your company website which displays on a rotating basis on every page of our website. This can be purchased by image impression where the ad will expire after the max amount of impressions have been reached, or by month where you will receive unlimited impressions during that time (most common). Our website currently receives an average of 3,000 unique page views per month. 

Newsletter Ad
The newsletter ad includes a one-time placement of your organization's logo with a link to your website with the option of a 100 character description. Newsletters are distributed to over 2,750 professional contacts within the Granite State and beyond, typically on a bi-monthly basis. We encourage you not to promote a time-sensitive ad, but exceptions may be made with prior arrangement. We retain the right to limit the number of advertisements included in a newsletter and may bump yours out by one distribution if demand is high. 

Organizational Members and Corporate Partners Recieve a 20% Discount Which Will be Automatically Applied After Login. 

If you have any questions, you can reach out to [email protected] to learn more. Otherwise, please complete the form below to purchase your advertisment.