Corporate Partners

We are pleased to introduce a new opportunity within the NH Providers Association! In an effort to expand our current member services and benefits we have decided to initiate a Corporate Partner Program.

Corporate Partners are organizations who work to support the fields of behavioral health, but are not direct service providers in the field. Potential Corporate Partners include organizations delivering services such as electronic health records, payroll, consulting, legal, banking, human resources, accounting, and so on.

As a Corporate Partner, your organization will have the opportunity to market its products and services to the behavioral health community throughout the state as well as to learn about their needs. Our members are always looking for new ways to deliver efficient, cost-effective, and quality services to their clients. Our Corporate Partner Program provides the means for companies to market themselves to key stakeholders and decision makers in the behavioral health field.

Read the brochure to learn more about the benefits of a Corporate Partner membership!

Corporate Partner Brochure
Corporate Partner Application